Albert Heijn: mobile self scanning in 200 Dutch supermarkets

Posted by on mrt 5, 2015 in english, home, Nederland, Nieuws

zelfscan AH XL EindhovenAlbert Heijn will roll out mobile self scanning to 200 of its Dutch supermarkets. According to the Dutch market leader, this makes Albert Heijn Europe’s the first retailer in Europe offering this service on such a large scale.

As of March 11 shoppers visiting the 200 Albert Heijn supermarkets where selfscanning devices are already in use, can also use their mobile phones to scan their items. To do this, they must download the Appie app of Albert Heijn and scan the code of their AH Bonuscard.

“They need to scan their card only once, when a shopper uses mobile self scanning for the first time. Then the card number is registered by the app”, Albert Heijn spokesperson Anoesjka Aspeslagh says. “When using the anonymous handscan devices, shoppers had to scan their card every visit as they needed to be identified at the self checkout. Therefore this is more convenient to shoppers.”

Albert Heijn uses its Bonuscard to collect customer data to provide its clients with personal offers. If customers want this, they need to activate the card. When asked about the connection of the card to mobile self scanning, Aspeslagh says that the use of mobile scanning does not mean that purchases are automatically registered. “This only happens when customers already have activated their cards”, she says.

Still, this is a clever means to increase service levels and receive more information about the behaviour of shoppers, as the app needs to be downloaded and used. Albert Heijn therefore has more information on who is shopping when and where in its stores. Combining this with general scanning data, already gives lots of relevant information.

Shoppers using this mobile selfscanning service use special self checkout units. Before they leave the store, they can scan the code on their telephone display upon which the gate opens for them to proceed to the way out. To enable all this, Albert Heijn offers free WiFi in all 200 stores in The Netherlands where mobile self scanning is available.